Spring 2022

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Spring 2022

We are looking forward to welcoming friends old and new to Endmoor & Farditch Farm Holiday Cottages and Caravan Park! Due to Covid-19 restrictions many of the lovely cafes and pubs we have listed may be closed or only serving at a greatly reduced capacity, so we have come up with some alternative suggestions for you to create your own,


The Peak District has an abundance of locally sourced farm shops, butchers, and bakeries so we have listed a few below:

Also why not have a look at the small market which operates every Tuesday and Saturday on Buxton Market place?

The same as Bakewell Market which is open on Mondays which offers a mixture of stalls selling a variety of homemade and local sourced produce.

Chatsworth Estate Farm Shop (Bakewell DE45 1UF)


This award-winning Farm shop has a massive selection of locally sourced quality products to help you create that perfect dish, with a wide selection of meats, fresh vegetables, cheeses, chutneys & jams, and a freshly baked bread selection. This is a great place to discover something new or if you just fancy a treat.

Geoff Mycock & Son Butchers (Buxton SK17 6EF)

High class meat since 1958

All produce is sourced locally from there own farm and local auctions. Offers a friendly and personal service with a wide selection of meats, and amazing pork pies.

Ginger Butchers – (Bakewell DE45 1ES)


Offers a personal service with a wide selection of locally sourced quality meats from their own farm and homemade pies and pastries from the onsite farm bakery, along with freshly baked bread. Ginger Butchers also has a great selection of deli produce and provides everything you could need to make an amazing meal.

Fitzgeralds Craft Bakery (Buxton, Spring Gardens SK17 6DF)


Family run bakers since 1910, offering a wide range of fresh products with care and attention to detail.

Bloomers Of Bakewell (Bakewell DE45 1EU)

The perfect place for handcrafted pies, pudings, and tarts with a mixture of freshly baked rolls and local grocery produce. Using only the finest, local sourced ingredients to create mouth-watering freshly baked products.

Why not try the Bloomers original Bakewell pudding dating back to 1889?

Bakewell Pudding shop (Backwell DE45 1BT)


Bakewell Pudding Shop offers an array of homemade products, from freshly baked artisan breads, cakes, pastries, tarts, and puddings.

Why not plan ahead and organise your own supermarket delivery? Just be sure to book a slot after your planned arrival time! 

When the restaurants and pubs re-open please bear in mind that a maximum of six people or two households will be permitted to meet, until restrictions are lifted.

If you plan to dine out, we suggest you make a reservation – demand is sure to be high as many places will be at reduced capacity.

We have also included a list of Takeaways in the local area which you may find useful especially if you have had a long day exploring the Peak District and just want to relax.

Take Away Options

Fish & Chips – Bakewell has a variety of Fish & Chip Shops throughout the village you will be spoilt for choice and ideal to have when walking or sitting along the river.

Harper Hill – Fish & Chip Shop - Buxton

Longnor Fish & Chip Shop - Longnor

Buxton Tandoori - Buxton

Simple Thai – Buxton

Domino’s Pizza – Buxton

Raj’s Indian – Bakewell

Spring 2022

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

We have put together some fantastic places where you can enjoy afternoon tea and treat your mum to make this mother’s day truly special. With so many beautiful places to visit in the Peak District, we are sure you will find a few places you will want to visit from our list below. (more…)
Edensor Tea Cottage for Mothers Day afternoon tea

The most romantic restaurants in the Peak District

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. If you've still not made plans, why not escape to the Peak District for a weekend of romance? With picturesque views all around, the Peaks provide the ideal setting for an intimate meal, and we have a fantastic selection of romantic restaurants for you to enjoy.

Simply Thai, Buxton

Simply Thai, most romantic restaurants in the Peak District Simply Thai is an authentic Thai restaurant in the heart of Buxton. Ideal for those who have a taste for spice and won't settle for imitation recipes. The chefs have worked at some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Thailand, and bring their expertise to the Peak District in this award-winning venue. What's more, many of the raw ingredients are imported straight from Thailand to assure their authenticity. This means that the only way you could get a more true experience of Thai food is if you were to visit the country yourself! So, turn the heat up this Valentine's and book dinner for two at Simply Thai. Their Valentine's Day menu this year consists of 5 courses for just £30 per person, and there is plenty of choice available. Plus, you get a free glass of champagne upon arrival! You won't want to miss it.  

Piedaniels, Bakewell

Most romantic restaurants in the Peak District For those who love a bit of French fare, Piedaniels is the perfect place to have a romantic meal. The menu features traditional French recipes with a European twist and the atmosphere is fabulously unpretentious. Even better, all food is prepared using fresh, local produce so as to bring out the rich flavours to their fullest. They also have a wine list that is sure to 'wow' even the most seasoned of drinkers. Because of this, you can enjoy your meal with a wine to suit whatever dish takes your fancy. And why not treat yourself? It is Valentine's, after all.  

Fischer's, Baslow Hall

Most romantic restaurants in the Peak District Fischer's Restaurant is definitely a top pick on our list of romantic restaurants in the area. The epitome of luxury, Fischer's accommodates the modern British palate whilst staying true to the classics. All produce is local, fresh, and mouthwateringly good, and the venue has stunning views of the Derbyshire hills. The dining room is classic and distinguished, so smart attire is recommended. Fischer's also require you to book in advance, so do make sure you give enough notice prior to a big event.  

Hassop Hall, Bakewell

Most romantic restaurants in the Peak District Step back in time this Valentine's Day at Hassop Hall. The nearly-millennia-old manor is simply stunning and the surrounding Italian gardens provide a gorgeous backdrop for photos. Inside, you can enjoy a variety of foods from an ever-changing menu and the sheer amount of choice will have you feeling well and truly spoilt. Booking is not essential, but it is advisable. The Hall can get very busy during holidays and special occasions.  

The Riverside, Ashford-In-The-Water

Most romantic restaurants in the Peak District For a classic fine dining experience, look no further than The Riverside Restaurant. The quiet venue is the ideal place to experience local, seasonal cuisine in a town that practically transports you to a long-forgotten time. This quaint tranquillity only serves to accentuate the restaurant's unique atmosphere, making this a real Valentine's Day treat. Dinner is £48.95 per person and consists of 7 creative courses to delight the senses. Prepared by chefs who are masters in their field, each dish is sure to leave you wanting more.  

Do you plan on visiting any of these romantic restaurants?

The Peak District is full of wonderfully romantic restaurants, and the scenic views add a special something to the experience that is simply unmatched. This year, treat your loved one to a Valentine's Day meal they will always remember at one of these lovely establishments. And to complete the evening, why not book a stay at one of our luxury holiday cottages? The quality of our accommodation speaks for itself and we are in an ideal location to visit the restaurants on this list.
The most romantic restaurants in the Peak District

10 Foods Invented in the Peak District

The Peak District and the surrounding areas are places of incredible views, varied wildlife and interesting historical landmarks. But did you know they also have great traditional food? We’ve put together 10 of the best foods invented in the Peak District that you simply must try.

Bakewell Pudding

Bakewell Pudding: The 10 Best Foods Invented in the Peak District Originating from cook books as far back as the 1830s, the Bakewell Pudding is the predecessor of the Bakewell Tart. It’s not quite as pretty as its next-generation counterpart, but what is lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in taste. The traditional pudding recipe consists of a flaky pastry base with a layer of sieved jam. On top, there is an egg/almond paste filling. This ultra-sweet desert is sure to leave you wanting more. If you would like to try the famous food, then head on down to The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop.

Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart: 10 Best Foods Invented in the Peak District The Bakewell Tart is quite possibly the most famous food item from the Peak District. It consists of a shortcrust pastry shell, jam, frangipane, and a top layer of flaked almonds – no cherries or icing here! (Sorry, Mr. Kipling) The Bakewell Tart is a variation of the Bakewell Pudding. Funnily enough, there is no evidence that the tart recipe even came from Bakewell! It still makes the list because the majority of people believe that the recipe really is from there, and many shops in the area claim to have the original recipe, such as The Bakewell Tart Shop.

Buxton Pudding

Buxton Pudding: 10 Best foods invented in the Peak District The Buxton Pudding almost resembles the modern day crumble, put with a twist; a thin layer of jam in the middle. The history of this recipe is quite an exciting one, as it actually a heritage recipe dating back to the reign of Queen Victoria. The recipe was found in an attic inside an old cook book. Upon reading it, the people who uncovered the recipe tried making it for themselves. Unfortunately, it was not quite to their tastes, so they did a bit of adapting. The Buxton Pudding was thus reborn! Today, you can purchase this almost-forgotten food from The Original Buxton Pudding Company.

Ashbourne Gingerbread

Ashbourne Gingerbread: 10 best foods invented in the Peak District Apparently, the recipe for Ashbourne Gingerbread came from a French prisoner of the Napoleonic wars. The Frenchman later decided to make the town his home and pass on his great gingerbread recipe to a local baker. What makes this particular gingerbread so unique, however, is both its simplicity and its inclusion of treacle in the recipe. You can have a taste of the recipe – which is still made in the very same way today – at the Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop. The shop has been around since 1492 and so is an historical site in the small town.

Hartington Stilton Cheese

Stilton cheese: 10 best foods invented in the Peak District Everybody’s favourite blue cheese. But did you know that it is actually illegal to sell cheese as Stilton unless it comes from one of 3 counties? These include Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. This fun fact makes Stilton a historic cheese in Peak District dairy farming. Definitely one to have on your cheese board during a visit! The Hartington Stilton Cheese creation comes from Hartington Cheese Shop, one of the only 6 Blue Stilton cheese makers in the world, who are also the smallest, the longest-running, and the only one in Derbyshire. That’s a lot of titles for one little cheese factory. The local cheese makers have won multiple awards for their Stilton creation, which has only been around since 2014, and so you simply must try it the next time you’re in the Peak District.

Derbyshire Oatcakes

Derbyshire Oatcakes: 10 best foods invented in the Peak District Derbyshire Oatcakes are different to what most people think of when they hear the name. This variety resembles a more savoury pancake, as opposed to the crumbly, Scottish biscuit variety of the cakes. Back in the day, local farmers grew oats instead of wheat during the winter due to the crop’s hardiness. Housewives would then bake an oat/water mixture to create what we know today as oatcakes. If this recipe sounds a little too bland for you, then you can spice it up by adding milk, salt, pepper, and topping with cheese. However, if you’re not keen on making one yourself, then you could always buy one. The Staffordshire Oatcakes Shop offers a cosy, quaint vibe to eat your oatcakes in, and they even have pre-mixed bags available to buy and take home with you!

Sage Derby Cheese

Sage Derby Cheese: 10 best foods invented in the Peak District Marbled and bright green in colour, this odd-looking little cheese is the product of sage leaves infusing with the cheese curd during production. It was originally made for special occasions such as Christmas or harvest time. The cheese first popped up in Derby during the 17th century and is still just as popular today. You’ll most likely have some Sage Derby on your cheese board if you’re down around the Peak District. However, if you fancy bringing some home for everyone to try, then you can purchase a block or two from the Hartington Cheese Shop.

Melandra Loaf

Melandra Loaf: 10 foods invented in the Peak District This recipe was published in a receipt book by the Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institutes back in 1974. It claimed to be associated with the Roman Fort at Glossop, ‘Melandra’, but the ingredients within the loaf would not have been available during Roman times. Nevertheless, this fruity bread is certainly one to try for those with a sweet tooth. You can try some of this iconic loaf at The Old Bakery in Youlgrave, where it is a popular breakfast dish.

Tharf Cake

Tharf Cake: 10 foods invented in the Peak District These traditional Derbyshire biscuits are quite similar to the modern day flapjack. Thick, soft, and made with wheat flour, oatmeal, butter, dark sugar and fruit, tharf cakes have been a Halloween treat since the 1870s. The biscuits are not very popular today and are honestly almost impossible to buy. However, the one place where you can still get them is in Bakewell. Check out the Tindalls of Tideswell bakery to try some of these traditional biscuits for yourself.

Lumpy Tums

  Adorable by name, delicious by nature. Lumpy Tums are a traditional breakfast dish which is made by boiling lumps of wetted oatmeal in a pot. Once removed, they would usually be eaten with warm milk for a soothing, winter morning meal. These were just one of the creative oat recipes made by the people of Derbyshire back in the day. Lumpy Tums would have been a poor person’s breakfast that was incredibly popular back then. There is even a song about them! Unfortunately, you cannot buy these anywhere nowadays. You can still make them at home fairly easily if you would like to try them.   We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the best foods invented in the Peak District. If you’d like to try some authentic local food, why not check out our luxury holiday cottages or caravan site? We’re right in the middle of the Peaks and in a great location to visit the mouth-watering local eateries. We’re also right near the Hartington Cheese Shop, so you won’t have to travel far to try the innovative Stilton.
foods invented in the Peak District

Dog Friendly Restaurants in the Peak District

If you decide to bring your pet to the Peak District, then you might be left wondering where to go for a tasty meal. We’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for dog friendly restaurants in the Peak District to give you a few options. There are plenty more, but that’s for you to discover!

The Three Horseshoes Country Inn

Dog friendly restaurants in the Peak District, The Three Horseshoes Country Inn and Spa The Three Horseshoes Country Inn is an award-winning eatery that boasts 2 Rosettes from the AA. Only 5.5% of restaurants in the UK hold 2 or more Rosettes, so you can expect nothing but the highest quality food and drink. The ingredients are always prepared from fresh with most being sourced locally, and as if that wasn’t good enough, they also have their own spa. Although you might have to leave your pup at home for that.  

Rowley’s Restaurant & Bar

Dog Friendly Restaurants in the Peak Dsitrict Rowleys restaurant and bar rowleys village pub Rowley’s sits on the edge of Chatsworth Estate, Baslow. It is a relaxed venue where you can enjoy Michelin-star food and drink in a contemporary setting. With daily offers for extra value, it makes the ideal meeting point for friends and family. The restaurant provides a place to congregate for everything from casual get-togethers to business meetings and the staff are very accommodating for large groups. You can even enjoy live music on the first Friday of every month! It is very rare to find a dog friendly restaurant like this, so this is a real gem.  

Fountain Tea Rooms

The Fountain Tea Rooms, Peak District The Fountain Tea Rooms are a small, quaint venue for ordering hot and cold beverages, soups, sandwiches, meals and snacks. You can also have a freshly cooked breakfast, home baked cakes and afternoon teas… or even some locally-produced ice cream! They host themed evenings on the third Friday of each month, so be on the lookout for the next one. It is located in Bonsall and offers a cosy café vibe that is both people and dog friendly.  

The Druid Inn

Dog Friendly Restaurants in the Peak District The Druid Inn Birchover The Druid Inn is a traditional English pub with an ever-changing menu. Located in Birchover, this modern/classic eatery sources many of its ingredients from the local area. Their chefs then creatively combine the components to make a menu with some truly unique courses. Better yet, the owners are members of CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale) so you know that they truly believe in what they do. There’s nothing better than enthusiastic staff.  

The Anchor Inn

The Anchor Inn The Anchor Inn is a cosy, traditional, dog friendly pub in Tideswell. Food is available daily from 12pm until 9pm and they have all your favourite pub classics on the menu. As well as this, the inn serves as a steak house and rum shack. It serves a variety of steaks, steak burgers, and over 30 different rums. Of course, they also have a large selection of beers and real ales. There is always something going on and you can look forward to events such as musical performances, live comedians, and even the occasional fancy dress party!  

Have you tried one of these dog friendly restaurants?

We hope you check out a few of these fabulous dog friendly restaurants. The Peak District has a lot to offer you and your pet, with some great walking routes and amazing views. Come on down for an experience that you will not soon forget, and if you need accommodation, then we have a variety of luxury dog friendly holiday cottages to choose from.
Dog friendly restaurants in the Peak District The Three Horseshoes Country Inn and Spa

Places to Eat in the Peak District

With mouth-watering, independent eateries and fresh, local produce, a trip to the Peak District is a must for foodies! There’s fantastic farmer markets, artisan cafes, local breweries and fine dining all within easy reach of our holiday cottages and caravan site. We’ve selected some of the finest places to eat in the Peak District to give you a taste of what’s on offer.  

The Original Bakewell Pudding ShopThe Original Bakewell Pudding Shop places to eat in the Peak District during your stay with us

We couldn’t talk about local food without mentioning one of the Peak District’s most famous creations, the Bakewell tart. This bakery on the historic market square makes and serves the original version of the pudding. Always packed, this is a must visit if you have a sweet tooth!  

The Packhorse Inn

The Packhorse Inn places to eat in the peak district during your stay with us

This country pub in picturesque surroundings serves incredible fresh, local food with a menu that changes daily. As if we needed more reasons to revisit! A common pit stop after a walk along the Monsal Trail, this cosy pub is ideal for a hearty meal with friends and family.  

Eyam Tea Rooms

Eyam Tea Rooms Places to eat in the Peak District

Check out the family-run Eyam Tea Rooms for a relaxing spot to enjoy a light lunch or cream tea. This dog friendly café serves delectable homemade cakes, breakfasts and lunches in the quaint and historic village of Eyam.  

Peak Ales

Peak Ales Places to eat in the Peak District

With a range of award-winning beers and seasonal specials, a visit to this local brewery would make a fantastic trip. You can also take part in a brewery tour for just £6 per person! The tour includes a free pint at the brewery's visitor centre on the Chatsworth Estate (although you have to make your own way there).  

Bakewell Farmers Market

Bakewell Farmers Market places to eat in the Peak District

This multi-award-winning Farmers Market is now the second largest in the UK. It is usually held on the last Saturday of the month between 9am and 2pm, and has over 70 stalls packed with amazing local produce and crafts. Without a doubt, this is the best place to load up on treats to take back home with you.   To make an inquiry over one of our accommodations, please contact us.
Eyam Tea Rooms Places to eat in the Peak District

Dog Friendly Pubs In The Peak District

The Peak District is brimming with delightful dog friendly pubs, and we’re lucky enough to have a great selection of them situated close to both Endmoor Farm and Farditch Farm holiday cottages. Keep on reading to find out our picks for the best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District.

The Bulls Head, Monyash

Just down the road from Endmoor Farm holiday cottages, this traditional pub faces onto the picturesque village green. Rolling hills surround the building and offer stunning views. With warming log fires and delicious homemade food, it’s a perfect pit stop for cyclists and ramblers. If the sun’s out, why not while away an afternoon in the extensive beer garden or sunny side terrace? There’s even an adjacent play area to keep the kids entertained! Best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District, The Bulls Head, Monyash  

The Castle Inn, Bakewell

This 16th-century pub is situated in the historic market town of Bakewell, just a mile down the road from Chatsworth House and Haddon Hall. It's the perfect spot to rest after exploring the local area with your four-legged friend. Try their selection of fine ales and excellent food and prepare to be impressed! Best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District, The Castle Inn, Bakewell  

The Church Inn, Chelmorton

This quintessentially English pub has a roaring fire for cold days and a beer garden for soaking up the summer sun. There are also some fantastic walks from the pub. And with it being just twenty minutes from Farditch Farm holiday cottages, it’s a perfect spot for a break for you and your furry companion during your daily stroll. Best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District, The Church Inn, Chelmorton  

Packhorse Inn, Little Longstone

Surrounded by stunning scenery and located just off the Monsal trail, this dog friendly pub is definitely worth a visit. Kick back and relax after a day’s walk and enjoy the locally-sourced food (including buffalo from a nearby farm). This is also right by one of the best views in the Peak District.     Best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District, The Packhorse Inn, Little Longstone  

Did you know about these dog friendly pubs in the Peak District?

We hope this blog has inspired you to bring your pup to the next pub outing. If you’re looking for accommodation, we have a range of luxury dog friendly holiday cottages, as well as a dog friendly caravan park with uncrowded, high spec pitches. Pets stay completely free, too! Contact us on 01629 815 683 to book your stay today!
Best dog friendly pubs in the Peak District

The Church Inn

The-Church-Inn-Chelmorton Refreshing locals and travellers alike since 1742 The Church Inn at Chelmorton stands opposite the village church and is as quintessentially English as a roaring fire on a snowy day or a meadow of buttercups on a summer’s day. Without a doubt, in these hurly burly days of the 21st century, it’s so refreshing to find this tiny, unspoilt corner of an old England that’s fast disappearing...... So come and join us - and in time honoured fashion let’s eat drink and be merry.... Welcome to the Church Inn...... Opening Times: Mon - Thur: 12noon - 3.00 and 6.00 - 11.00 Fri - Sun: 12noon - 11.00pm Address Chelmorton, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9SL Tel: 01298 85319 www.thechurchinn.co.uk Click here for directions
The Church Inn

The Bulls Head – Monyash

[caption id="attachment_259" align="alignnone" width="500"]The Bulls Head, Monyash The Bulls Head, Monyash[/caption] The Bulls Head at Monyash is situated in the centre of the village, just next to the village green. At the Bulls Head you will find good food, real ales and a warm welcome. (more…)
The Bulls Head – Monyash

When is Bakewell Farmers Market?


Bakewell Farmers Markets - Saturdays 9am - 2pm

Get there early, as stalls sell out due to popular demand! Visitors and locals alike, are to be found mingling together around the 70 + stalls packed with superb local produce and crafts at Bakewell Farmers Markets. Being one of the larger towns with in the peak district Bakewell is always a bustling hub of activity. The Farmers Markets are some of the best in the whole country. If you want to attend one of these vibrant markets they are generally held on the last Saturday of every month. According to Derbyshire Dales District Council, The Bakewell Farmers' Market now regularly attracts more than 5,000 visitors and it's common to find that the stall holders often sell out before closing time .  The Derbyshire Times also reported that the Farmers Markets are so popular that there is a waiting list of more than 50 traders. If you want to visit Bakewell farmers Market, they are held at the District Council's Agricultural Business Centre (ABC). What's more Endmoor Farm Holiday Cottages are situated just a few miles away in nearby Monyash.
"The ABC is now not only widely recognised as home to one of the UK's top five livestock markets – it has the second largest farmers' market in the country, with only Winchester boasting a larger number of stall holders."
Derbyshire Dales District Council Website
It is widely reported that the lure of the Farmers markets is also having a very positive effect on local business.With local cafe's and pubs having to employ extra staff on Market days. The Farmers’ Market is dedicated to encouraging sustainable environmental practice, so most stallholders come from within a 30 mile radius of Bakewell, though some speciality producers trading in foods such as smoked mackerel are allowed to attend from up to 100 miles away. The Majority of the stalls are dedicated to food and drink, with old favourites like real ales, wines, mushrooms, vegetable stalls, rare breeders selling  pork, buffalo meat.  There are ice cream, bread, jams and preserve traders to look out for too.  As if all this wasn't enough, there is granola and locally milled flour, fresh trout and other fish, locally grown chilli products, Turkish food, sweet and savoury muffins, soups and goat’s meat. Parking is available at the ABC in Bakewell. Download DDDC's  2016 Farmers Market brochure [PDF 1.2MB].

Bakewell Farmers Markets - Times and Dates

Date Time
30 January 0900 - 1400
27 February 0900 - 1400
26 March 0900 - 1400
30 April 0900 - 1400
28 May 0900 - 1400
25 June 0900 - 1400
23 July 0900 - 1400
27 August 0900 - 1400
24 September 0900 - 1400
29 October 0900 - 1400
26 November 0900 - 1400
17 December* 0900 - 1400
When is Bakewell Farmers Market?