Mother’s Day, March 31st

Mother’s Day is only 3 weeks away. It’s a day to honour mums for all that they do for us and come together as a family to celebrate.

So, why not do something special this year and have a family gathering at one of our luxury holiday cottages? We’re situated in the heart of the Peak District and surrounded by beautiful countryside, perfect for a relaxing break.

Mother’s Day, March 31st

Farditch Farm Holiday Cottages

If you’re planning a nice meal or spa day in Buxton, then Farditch Farm Holiday Cottages in Chelmorton are the perfect home base for your Mother’s Day activities.

Caxterway Cottage sleeps up to 10 people in 5 spacious bedrooms, and both Redhurst Cottage and Pippenwell Cottage each sleep up to 6 people. However, all of these cottages have an interconnecting door which you can open to create one large cottage, sleeping up to an impressive 22 guests.

If you don’t need quite so many rooms, then you also have to option of either of our two smaller cottages, Sterndale or Cheedale. These cottages sleep 2 people each and are located directly behind the larger cottages, making this an ideal location to join your family.

Endmoor Farm Holiday Cottages

Rather be near to the market town of Bakewell? Endmoor Farm Cottages in Monyash are just a short drive away.

Our Rakes, Tagg and Milkens cottages each have 2 double bedrooms and sleep up to 4 people. Derby, Moor and Ferndale cottages sleep 2 people each in one double bedroom. These cottages therefore give you the option of a little more privacy, whilst still enabling you to spend time with the whole family.

Mother’s Day, March 31st

History of Mothering Sunday

Mother’s Day has its roots in religion. It is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, 3 weeks prior to Easter Sunday, and is supposed to be a celebration for the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. This is because, according to the Christian Bible, Mary was the one who discovered that Jesus Christ had been resurrected on Easter Sunday.

Mother’s Day celebrations generally began with families visiting their local church or parish, as it was considered imperative to be with family during the occasion. This was great for the children of the time since they would usually be out working all day from as young as aged 10, and so Mother’s Day gave them the chance to see their mothers and take a break.

With the spread of Christian ideas, the celebrations became more popular and eventually evolved from only celebrating Mother Mary to celebrating mothers in general. At this point, it was then a commonplace occasion and one that we still celebrate today.

To book one of our luxury holiday cottages for a special Mother’s Day celebration, call us today on 01629 815 683 or 07943 665 428. But be quick, we have limited availability – see individual cottage page for details.