Flowering in Derbyshire


Well Dressing, also once known as well flowering, is a custom practised in rural England, where people from mainly The Peak District of Derbyshire and Staffordshire come together and take part in the decoration of wells. Created from flower petals. The custom is thought to have originated in Tissington, Derbyshire in 1349 and was introduced during the period of the Black Death as a means to give thanks for the purity of water.

Everyone comes together in Derbyshire and colours their community in the form of Well Dressing. They celebrate everything from biblical scenes to special anniversaries. It is seen as an occasion for the people to celebrate their community and heritage. Well Dressings are creative but also educational. Families can learn what happened all those years ago in the form of art.

The Dressings usually begin in early May and last through until mid-September. Dates are being added daily to our Well Dressing calendar and we cannot wait to see the creations made this year. Our first Well Dressing this year starts on the 21st May and ends the 29th at Ashford in the Water in Bakewell, followed by Flash in Buxton starting on the 18th June and ending on the 28th.

There are many more dates in our Well Dressing calendar. The Well Dressing season ends in September so there is plenty of time for you and your family to come to Derbyshire, stay in a quaint countryside cottage at Endmoor Farm and learn the art that is Well Dressing.

Below are our cottages that would be perfect for you and your family to come back and relax in after a day of Well Dressing.

There are 6 different cottages on offer of all different sizes so they would be ideal for families, groups of friends and reunions. There is also free Wi-Fi so you can keep up to date with all the latest news and dates of Well Dressings and if that’s not enough you don’t even need think about boarding your pets for the holiday, bring them with you… they’re allowed.

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